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Aircraft Mechanic difference between school and college life

Aircraft Mechanic difference between school and college life

The growing aircraft industry requires professionally trained maintenance personnel. The Aircraft Maintenance Technology program at Greenville Technical.
What's the difference between the terms aircraft mechanic, aircraft technician, Working as an aircraft mechanic allows me to live a very rich life, and I don't just If you choose to go to college or a technical school to become a mechanic.
Aircraft maintenance contains many different jobs. mechanic schools What's the difference between an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic and UEI College. Day in the Life - BCIT Student - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Vlog (05/17/2016)

Aircraft Mechanic difference between school and college life - count

After all, not everyone working as an aircraft mechanic enjoys the career. Receive the in-depth training and preparation to work in the manufacture and repair of all aircraft. The Aircrafty Technology Program at St. South offers both certificate and degree programs in Aviation Maintenance and Aeronautical Technology. All students are required to obtain the books listed in the beginning of their respective quarter. Alamo GPS Degree Plan.
Dropping out of high school is always a terrible idea, and will only hurt you in the long run. There are better methods that you can use to enter this career, if you know how to use them. Programs: Aviation Maintenance Management Technology AMT AMP And more. The flight crew may draw attention to a fault or damage that needs to be taken care of, in addition to the standard servicing, based on specific time interval and cycles of use, that the mechanic will perform. There are thousands of mechanics making this kind of money right now, and so can you once you know how. I would also never work for a set salary. These websites base these numbers on average salaries across the industry.