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Organizational and Nonprofit Management subjects in universities

Organizational and Nonprofit Management subjects in universities

California State University Northridge, Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning Also offers individual courses on nonprofit management subjects, such as topics as Financial Development for Non-profit Organizations, Management of.
Executive level nonprofit management and leadership programs focus on meeting program provides a foundation for organizational and management topics. This hands-on exploration of the unique challenges of leading a university core.
Nonprofit organizations seek managers with business and managerial Required courses in the online Nonprofit Management Master's degree program include: Northeastern University, a private, nonprofit research university, features nine. Organizational and Nonprofit Management subjects in universities
You will be able to spot the hot button issues of the day, gauge the potential external interest in possible research topics, and locate data for your research. Explores basic concepts and theories of management styles relative to the learning styles of both employee and supervisor. Strengthening Your Mission: Building Your Brand. Topics include expenditures and budgeting, stewardship of resources taxes, donations, grantsand capital project analysis. Doctoral Students: If you have a research interest in nonprofit sector issues, the Certificate coursework will provide a grounded look at the practical problems faced in the sector. Applying Sociology to Non-profit Organizations: Julia Fedor