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International Business what is a major

International Business what is a major

With a strong foundation in liberal arts, science and foreign language, the international business major prepares graduates for a blend of business acumen and.
With careful advising and planning, most students have the opportunity to complete the requirements for the International Business major in eight semesters.
International Business Major. Description: A program that prepares individuals to manage international businesses and/or business operations. Includes. Large Format Printer Policy. The International Business major will provide students with the foundations of that basic understanding. What is Supply Chain Management? It's better to have universally recognized credentials, cultural sensitivity, and an ongoing knowledge of world affairs if you want trade doors open to you. Kinds of Students Major in International Business? Practice sessions and videotape feedback provide additional insight into presentation style and effectiveness. Within this field, most students will specialize in a traditional business discipline such as marketing, finance, accounting, information systems or operations management. International Business what is a major