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Music Management fun majors to study in college

Music Management fun majors to study in college

These college majors may be unusual, but they sound pretty cool, too. What you study: Bagpiping, “a program of study where a person can get a complete grounding in music as Example courses: Introduction to Citrus, Citrus Grove Management, Soil . Its subject matter is the world in which we live, relax and have fun.
But earning an M.A. in The Beatles, Popular Music & Society can go a their comedic timing and understanding of how the funny business works, Floral Management students at MSU get an up-close look at what a . Several colleges offer degree programs in studying horses, each with its own focus.
Below is a list of over college majors profiled on MyMajors. Search for majors by selecting a category and refining your search or use search box below. Music Management fun majors to study in college

Music Management fun majors to study in college - times, this

So I really just open for anything that can make me money right after getting my bachelors degree so that I may have some money under my belt and can start making a living now before I decide to go straight to graduate school. It also fosters the creation of new products, services and businesses in the creative industries by advancing "disruptive" ideas. I was offered a full ride teaching assistantship out of state for my MM in flute performance. What level or skill does it take to be able to get good jobs playing for large concerts and such? Teacher Education, Multiple Levels. My dilemma, and hopefully a thesis to your answer, is which way to go?

Music Management fun majors to study in college - paper based

Finance and Financial Management Services. Military Information Systems Technology. So I am trying to do some research now to see what exactly are my options if I did decide to make music my major. Music History, Literature, and Theory. Every school is different. Home Furnishings and Equipment Installers. Join Fastweb for Educators Today. I know very little in terms of music theory and have been told by multiple universities that I am quite a bit behind to be accepted into a program. Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology. Spanish and Iberian Studies. Or should I get a performance degree, then go get my masters?

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HARDEST BACHELOR DEGREES EDUCATION ESSAYS FREE Can give me some advice about a career in music journalism? Is music ed a smart career move for me? And good for you for following your passion. Many of our music majors work now in software design, IT, engineering, law, even real estate. I love composing my own music and I love to sing. I want to be a private voice teacher at the collegiate level and want to perform professionally. Vietnamese Language and Literature.