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Law most common majors

Law most common majors

Most people will tell you that your major does not matter to law schools. Those people are wrong. Majors with the Highest Acceptance Rates and LSAT Scores.
Political science is the most common major for law school applicants. Makes sense, because many of the concepts carry over. Philosophy is a.
I wouldn't quite say there are bad majors – I think there are good things about most areas of study, and if you have good grades then you're.

Law most common majors - appropriate for

The councilors say Political Science is a good major for me based on my prior credits. From this info, how high are my chances of getting into law school especially Columbia and what score on the LSAT should I aim for? My current major in Public Relations, but I really do not think it would help me get admitted. So, a piece of free advise from someone that would do a few things differently in picking his undergraduate college—go where you will be happiest and yes that includes your worries about debt. Also what if I stuck with business since I want to go into corporate law, but took all my extra credits with philosophy?

Law most common majors - allowed

I went to SFU right out of highschool. I am pursuing a degree in Biochem, but recently I have added Economics as a second major. I also think learning the problem solving skills of engineering will help me with law. Therefore, my other question is, should I just keep the business minor and double major in sociology or communications since the business school will not let anybody use them for a double major the only thing you can do, as a non-business major is minor. Brianna Stone, University of Texas at Austin. The write program is a godsend in developing writing and creative thinking. Also I am going to be an RA next year and am involved in a state legislature club. It also depends on your own skills do you speak another language? Admissions staff know that these majors are valuable training and admit them to top law schools in large numbers. My alternative is going to FSU where I am now at a much lower cost, but honestly hate the state of Fl and want to move north. Good luck, and keep reading the blog in the years to come! One more thing, I am family friends with a senator from my state, he has Law most common majors J.