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Music subject studied in high school

Music subject studied in high school

Integrating music into academic subjects such as English can help music into their classes at San Diego High School of International Studies.
See High School Example Course Catalog here. See UC A-G required course list here. List of Possible School Subjects: Classical Music Studies. Performing.
As for myself. Primary School: Chinese, Math, English, (Social Science, Natural Science, P.E, English, (Social Science, Natural Science, P.E, Art, Music, Computer) Junior High: Chinese, Math, English, Physi What's the difference between Chinese high school and American high school? How can I study in China?. Calculus, as it should be taught, is the study of change with the aim of predicting it. An Excellent ACT Score? Share an Inspirational Story. Please email inquiries if you believe this is an error. Website Design by Sara Lorien Smith. Courses in this category must be those found on the high school or adult school UC " a-g " course lists.