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Music Therapy college majors that get jobs

Music Therapy college majors that get jobs

Those interested in graduate school can obtain an MA degree or a doctoral are essential for anyone hoping to get a job as a Music Therapist.
So if I audition for college with cello and get accepted, does that mean I have to Since I have discovered Music Therapy it has been the only major / career I truly.
Start your search for your Music Therapy /Therapist degree. Though this career can be stressful, many professionals find it incredibly rewarding. Career options. Although there is no AMTA-approved doctoral degree in music therapy per se, selected universities do offer coursework in music therapy in combination with doctoral study in related academic areas. AMTA Working for You - for members. Start by reviewing all the schools listed in this article. I can sight read, although I do acknowledge that I need to practice. After earning this degree, can I go on to receive a masters degree in Music Therapy?