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Geography online college statistics courses for credit

Geography online college statistics courses for credit

Browse online and distance undergraduate credit courses offered through CSU Online. Units: 3 credits; GR 320 - Cultural Geography Units: 3 credits . Units: 1 credit ; MATH 118 - College Algebra in Context II Units: 1 credit.
Choose from 2 Types of College Credit Courses: Enroll Anytime = Self-paced independent study courses available online or through . Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics World Regional Geography.
For example, if a course is 3 credit hours, you should expect 3 hours of online interaction per week. In addition, plan on 2 hours of course work per semester. Geography online college statistics courses for credit Political Parties and Elections. This course is designed for business majors and examines the primary dimensions of the management process including planning, organizing, decision-making and controlling organizational activity. Foundation Board of Directors Meeting Schedule. To determine your eligibility to take credit classes, you must meet by phone or in person with a Continuing Education academic advisor and provide copies of your high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores. This course will emphasize the various social, political, and economic forces that have shaped the lives of African Americans from Reconstruction to the current time period. The course studies gross anatomy with an extensive dissection of the cat and other significant organs.